HCS 2010

HCS 2010 includes updated modules to implement the new Highway Capacity Manual (HCM 2010) procedures for Urban Streets, Signalized Intersections, Interchange Ramp Terminals, Roundabouts, Basic Freeway Segments, Freeway Weaving Segments, Freeway Merge & Diverge Segments, Freeway Facilities, Two-Lane Highways and Multilane Highways. Quick Animation using CORSIM for HCS (now built-in) provides this feature for the Streets, Signals, Roundabouts, TWSC, AWSC, Freeways, Weaving, Ramps and Facilities modules within HCS 2010.


TSIS-CORSIM version 6.3 plus TRANSYT-7F™ is now available. Version 6.3 offers a variety of new features including the Streets Editor, Freeways Editor, high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes, advanced toll plazas, interactive lane alignment in TSIS Next™, adaptive cruise control, and various minor improvements.