Release 10.3 License Fees

Unlike previous versions, TRANSYT-7F is now available in a single computer, "single CPU" license format.  Click here to view the single CPU license agreement for release 10.

The pricing schedule is as follows (click on the hyperlinks for detailed product descriptions, prices, and ordering information):

Basic License

    Office locations not registered for release 9 may purchase individual CPU licenses.  Office locations that purchased release 9 on or after November 1, 2003, are entitled to one free single CPU upgrade license.
Multiple License Purchase
Upgrade License (requires release 9)
    Office locations that purchased release 9 before November 1, 2003, may purchase a single CPU upgrade license at the upgrade price, plus "extra" CPU upgrade licenses at a reduced rate. An "extra" CPU upgrade license is required for each additional user and is valid only at the same location as the accompanying single CPU upgrade license. Extra CPU upgrade license purchases must include a regular single CPU upgrade license purchase on the same order.
Academic License
Professional Teaching, Training, and Laboratory License
    One basic license is required for the teaching computer.  For installing the software on the students' computers, the price for a non-academic lab license is double the price of an academic lab license.
    The hardcopy users guide is sold separately from the software.  Identical electronic documentation files (Acrobat PDF and Windows HLP format) are included within the software at no extra cost.  The hardcopy users guide contains 400 pages, with a 70-page tutorial chapter, and is distributed with a three-ring binder.