McTrans - Moving Technology

TRANSYT-7F Release 11

New Features

  • rewritten GUI features Microsoft "dot-net" architecture
  • one-touch CORSIM animation, one-touch HCS analysis
  • new Dual-Ring Timing input screen provides familiar NEMA 8-phase data entry
  • new dual-ring formatted report provides familiar NEMA 8-phase output
  • upgraded Lane Configuration screen provides full intersection views
  • upgraded Saturation Flow Rate screen shows all 12 movements at once
  • saturation flow rate adjustment factors are now saved into the TIN file
  • copy-and-paste intersections in the Map View, to avoid re-coding lane configuration, volumes, and timings
  • combined the record type editor and GUI into one program
  • agency information on formatted report and summary reports
  • new route summary and satflow summary text reports
  • improved optimization of grouped nodes
  • import files from HCS-Interchanges
  • the following CORSIM data can now be imported: pre-timed, semi-actuated, fully-actuated, multiple time periods, two-way stop
  • direct CORSIM optimization can now optimize the following: pre-timed, semi-actuated, fully-actuated, multiple time periods
  • import any CORSIM file, timed and optimized by any other method, and instantly improve on that design
  • Russian language version now available
  • HTML Help system (new in release 11.3)
  • import ARTPLAN files (new in release 11.3)