Microscopic Traffic Simulation Model

CORSIM includes both NETSIM (for surface street simulation) and FRESIM (for freeway simulation).  Version 5.1 of CORSIM offers the following new features:

  • CORSIM now provides its own interface and driver software, separate from TShell.
  • In addition to the user interface, the CORSIM driver provides access to a new output data processor.  The output processor enables the user to accumulate user-selected statistics and summary data during multiple runs of CORSIM.  It writes the collected data to an Excel workbook, a comma-separated file, and/or a tab separated file.
  • CORSIM can now simulate much larger traffic networks than before.
  • The maximum link length in NETSIM has been increased from 4000 feet to 9999 feet.
  • CORSIM can now run simultaneously on multiple test cases in the same directory.
  • A new flag is available on RT 2 (entry 3, column 16) to force CORSIM to use the maximum initialization time.
  • Logic for determining if a vehicle would join spillback was improved.
  • Control delay is now aggregated over all turn movements in the simulation output table.
  • Anticipatory lane change inputs are now echoed to the output file.
  • Exit interface links can now be specified as destinations on Record Type 74.
  • Error checking has been improved.
  • Numerous software corrections have been implemented.
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