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The ITS Deployment Analysis System (IDAS) is an ITS sketch planning analysis tool that can be used to estimate the impacts, benefits and costs resulting from the deployment of ITS components. IDAS operates as a post-processor to the travel demand forecasting models employed by the planning community. That is, IDAS utilizes the modal split and traffic assignment results from the traditional planning model to estimate changes in modal, route, and temporal decisions of travelers resulting from ITS technologies. Because IDAS is a intended for sketch planning analysis, it is a tool to analyze alternatives rather than optimize ITS operations. In this version of IDAS an induced/forgone demand option is available for daily time period analysis and a temporal shift option is available for peak-hour analysis.

Planners and others can use IDAS to predict relative costs and benefits for more than 60 types of ITS investments. The set of impacts evaluated by IDAS include changes in user mobility, travel time/speed, travel time reliability, fuel costs, operating costs, accident costs, emissions, and noise. The performance of selected ITS options can be viewed by market sector, facility type and district.

IDAS is designed to operate in the Windows environment. It is recommended that at a minimum IDAS is run on a 300 megahertz Pentium II processor, due primarily to the use of complex algorithms in the traffic assignment process and the graphical interface. In addition, it is recommended that at least 128 megabytes of RAM and at least two gigabytes of free disk space are available when running the IDAS program.

IDAS is available at LOS 1 with discounts for multiple licenses. The manual is included on the CD. An unbound printed hardcopy of the manual is available from McTrans.

You can get additional information from the developer's web site at: IDAS.


IDAS (#IDAS.W95) is available at LOS 1 for $795.