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McTrans Center’s Youtube Page

McTrans Center’s YouTube page provides a diverse set of educational and informative videos freely available for everyone. You can access this page by clicking here. Here are a few introductory videos from our YouTube page:

Overview of Highway Capacity Analysis

This video provides a high-level overview of analysis types that the latest version of the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) offers. A demo of the Highway Capacity Software (HCS) is also amended to this presentation to give some insights into the HCS tool.

Simulation and the Highway Capacity Manual Analysis

This video discusses where microsimulation stays within the Highway Capacity Analysis. Chapter 6 of the HCM guides how the users of this manual should migrate into using alternative tools. This guidance is used when HCS users should move their analysis from HCS to TSIS-CORSIM or TransModeler.

HCS User Group

The HCS User Group is a professional group hosted on LinkedIn to directly connect the HCS users. The users are allowed to communicate directly with each other and share their questions and lessons learned while using the HCS tool. You can join this group by clicking here.

HCS User Guide

The Highway Capacity Software (HCS) comes with a comprehensive user guide to provide a reliable reference. Details of inputs and outputs are discussed. Moreover, you can find where the parameters are located to adjust/calibrate the analysis. The user’s guide is available inside every version of HCS by pressing CTRL+G buttons or accessing through the main menu.

Highway Capacity Manual

The basis of HCS analysis is the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) which provides comprehensive detail on every methodology. If theoretical aspects of the capacity analyses are the subject of research and study, please do not forget to consult with this document.



To view the HCS End User License Agreement, please click here.

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