Intersection Capacity Analysis: Are You Doing It Wrong?

The Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) Signalized Intersection Analysis method has been one of the most often used analysis tools since the “modern” method was introduced in the 1985 HCM. The method is applied to evaluate the sufficiency of intersection operations for varying levels of traffic demand, both undersaturated and oversaturated. The sad truth is that the method is often wrongly applied when conditions are oversaturated. This article discusses the two most common mistakes that are made and illustrates the impacts of performing the analysis incorrectly.

TransModeler SE Integration with HCS7

With Release 7.7, TransModeler SE was integrated with HCS7 to provide animation in Streets with Freeways, TWSC and Roundabouts coming soon. The automated conversion also provides HCM-compliant simulation to handle situations not covered by the HCM procedures.  Through the generosity of Caliper Corporation, TransModeler SE licenses are available at no cost to HCS users for one year

HCS7 Released

Following the publication and review of the 6th Edition of the Highway Capacity Manual by the Transportation Research Board (TRB), McTrans has released the version of the Highway Capacity Software (HCS7) that implements the updated and new procedures. The new main menu simplifies options, but expands choices with fewer buttons for a more consolidated view with each including specific modules for analysis. The Streets module analyzes signalized intersections, urban streets and interchange ramp terminals as before with new capabilities for travel time reliability and alternative intersections. Travel [...]

HCM 6th Edition Available

The Highway Capacity Manual, Sixth Edition: A Guide for Multimodal Mobility Analysis (HCM) provides methods for quantifying highway capacity. In its current form, it serves as a fundamental reference on concepts, performance measures, and analysis techniques for evaluating the multimodal operation of streets, highways, freeways, and off-street pathways. The Sixth Edition incorporates the latest research on highway capacity, quality of service, Active Traffic and Demand Management, and travel time reliability and improves the HCM’s chapter outlines. The objective is to help practitioners applying HCM methods understand their [...]

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