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About the CORSIM™ 6.1 Update

Note: This update will only work with TSIS 6.1; it will not work with TSIS 6.0. TSIS 6.1 was shipped on CD (in December 2008) to all users with a current subscription.

Build 509 of CORSIM, created in January 2009, can now be downloaded and used within TSIS 6.1. This new version fixes several miscellaneous bugs that existed in build 508. While this version does not include any new features, you must install this important update to ensure the integrity of your system and data. The installation program may take 30-60 seconds to find the location of TSIS 6.1 on some computers.

Click here to download the installation program for build 509 of CORSIM.

The installation program for build 509 of CORSIM also updates the following TSIS components:

  • CORSIM.LIB (to support the CORSIM runtime extension)
  • TSIS Next (includes miscellaneous bug fixes, but no new features)