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About the CORSIM™ 6.2 Update

Build 512 of CORSIM, released in December 2010, can now be downloaded and used within TSIS 6.2. Click here to download the installation program for build 512 of CORSIM.

New features in CORSIM build 512:

  • Added expanded CSV output reports that provide MOEs by time period
  • Improved vehicle movement logic dealing with interior acceleration lanes and interior lane drops
  • Added a new output MOE called “Acceleration Noise”
  • Added a new output MOE report for average phase times at actuated signals
  • Added the ability to specify freeflow speed by time period in NETSIM
  • Added the ability to specify freeflow speed and anticipatory lane change trigger speed by time period in FRESIM
  • Added the ability to aggregate links used in a two-lane highway and added MOEs for aggregations
  • Added logic to allow bus stations in left-hand systems to be used as left turn pockets
  • Improved the error message for dynamic array allocation errors

New features in TSIS Next 6.2, which is automatically updated by the build 512 installation program:

  • Vehicle animation and roadway curvature in the Map View
  • Visualized input entries (link length, free-flow speed, link names) in the Map View
  • Ability to request expanded CORSIM reports (MOEs by time period, phase times for actuated controllers)
  • Ability to generate text-based animation files (only recommended for small networks)

New corrections in CORSIM build 512:

  • Removed unnecessary characters printed within the legacy text report
  • Used double-precision variables to improve MOE accuracy for large, long running simulations
  • Corrected an error in the identification of VEHICLETYPE_LINKS for the Output Processor
  • Removed bit-packing that limited right turn pockets to 1024 feet
  • Corrected the PercentTimeSpentFollowing MOE for two-lane highways
  • Corrected error message 6870
  • Corrected an error that prevented vehicles from moving onto an off-ramp in rare cases
  • Corrected an error in allocating FRESIM detector arrays for coupled pairs of detectors
  • Corrected CPU time reporting to use actual CPU seconds used instead of elapsed time
  • Changed two-lane Follower Density to a point calculation
  • Corrected an error that prevented vehicles from moving into an added lane that leads to an off-ramp
  • Removed an artificial limit of 11 links in a path through an interchange
  • Changed NO to NOx in the legacy text report
  • Eliminated a problem with TNOxlate that was introduced in source/sink processing in build 510
  • Corrected an out of bounds error when interchanges are used in multiple-time-period cases
  • Changed the average spacing between queued FRESIM vehicles from 3 feet to 7 feet from 3 feet to 7 feet

The installation program for build 512 of CORSIM also updates the following TSIS components:

  • TRAFVU (improved support for two-lane highways, left-handed networks, and multiple time periods)
  • CORSIM Reference Manual, TSIS Users Guide, CORSIM Users Guide, and CORSIM Data Dictionary