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Output Reports

TRANSYT-7F can summarize output from CORSIM into different types of reports, for visualization and printing of data. These reports can reflect average results from multiple CORSIM runs, with varying random number seeds, if desired. Following the CORSIM run(s), TRANSYT-7F automatically produces a summary text report containing NETSIM link results, NETSIM node results, and CORSIM network-wide results. TRANSYT-7F can also provide a one-page formatted report (available in single-ring and dual-ring timing formats) for NETSIM intersections. The summary text report and formatted report both provide intersection-wide control delay and level of service. The formatted report also provides approach-specific control delay and level of service. The TRANSYT-7F Map View can be used to graphically display NETSIM control delay and level of service. The interactive time-space diagram can be used to observe and design bandwidth in NETSIM.