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Build your new CORSIM networks 10 times faster!

Based on the Urban Streets module from HCS, this new editor uses basic volume and timing data from the user to automatically construct complex simulation networks within seconds. Choose the “Quick Animation” feature to view animation immediately. Once finished, export the network for further calibration (TRAFED or TSIS Next) and analysis (TSIS Output Processor), if desired. TRAFED can even combine multiple NETSIM streets into a single CORSIM network, automatically. The Streets Editor for CORSIM is similar to the Streets program from HCS, except with most highway capacity analysis features and reports disabled. The user-interface experience is optimized for maximum efficiency and user-friendliness, with input features such as Quick Lanes, Quick Phases, Phasing View, Visual Mode, and the Information button. Importantly, the Streets Editor can automatically disable Quick Animation when input errors are detected, and these errors can be viewed through the Information button. The Streets Editor also offers “Quick Optimization” via TRANSYT-7F.