TSIS Shell Interface and Program Manager

TShell is the TSIS environment’s GUI that integrates the TSIS tools and allows the engineer to effectively manage traffic analysis projects. TShell provides an icon for launching TSIS Next, if desired, although TSIS Next can also be accessed from the Start menu in Windows. View the new features that were introduced within TShell 5.1.

The Project View in the upper left-hand corner of the screen is used to manage input and output files for different scenarios. The Workspace in the upper right-hand corner of the screen is used to edit network geometry (TRAFED), edit raw data (Text Editor), view output reports (Text Editor), and manage CORSIM simulation runs (CORSIM Driver). The Output View on the bottom of the screen is used to display miscellaneous general information. TShell can be used to launch TRAFVU animation, change the default location of data files, suppress animation files, etc. TShell also provides access to the TSIS Output Processor and the CORSIM Runtime Extension.