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Hands-On HCS Workshop

This workshop format course is developed for transportation professionals interested in developing hands-on experience in the use of HCS. Our experts will explore in detail the steps of a typical analysis project using HCS, from providing inputs and generating reports to advanced topics such as automatic freeway segmentation or analyzing complex elements such as interchanges and alternative intersections.

Note: This course is strongly focused on the use of HCS applications. If you are looking to develop a strong foundation on the HCM methods, please check our Highway Capacity Analysis Course.

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Our experienced instructors will walk through the essential steps of typical capacity analysis, such as creating a new analysis for different facility types, reviewing developed HCS files, checking for input errors, and interpreting HCS outputs for analysis purposes.

  • Have basic knowledge of highway capacity analysis and traffic engineering concepts.
  • The use of HCS is required for the hands-on problems in the course. Time-limited versions of HCS can be provided to registrants if needed.
  • A comprehensive workbook is provided for the lectures.
  • Time-limited versions of HCS can be provided to registrants if needed.

The course format and length can be customized to your organization’s needs depending on the objectives and experience level of attendees. A suggested agenda is provided next:

HCS Hands-On Training Series – Suggested Schedule
Day 01
lineFreeway analyses with HCS, including:

  • Modeling individual segments (Basic, Weaving, Merge and Diverge)
  • Freeway Facilities: modeling a facility, automatic segmentation, oversaturated conditions, work zones, managed lanes
  • Travel Time Reliability analysis
  • Planning Level Analyses
Day 01
lineHighway analyses with HCS, including:

  • Multilane Highways: Operational and Planning level analyses
  • Two-Lane Highways: individual segments, facilities and Super 2 highways
Unsignalized Intersections
Day 02
lineUnsignalized intersection analyses with HCS, including:

  • Two-Way Stop Control (TWSC): isolated intersections and effects of upstream signals
  • All-Way Stop Control (AWSC)
  • Roundabouts
Signalized Intersections
Day 02
lineSignalized intersection analyses with HCS, including:

  • Pre-timed, actuated and coordinated control
  • Single period and multiperiod analyses
  • Signal timing optimization
Urban Streets
Day 02
lineUrban Street analyses with HCS, including:

  • Individual segments and facilities
  • Segments with roundabouts
  • Travel Time Reliability analysis
Interchanges and
Alternative Intersections
Day 02
  • Interchange analyses: Diamond, Parclo, Single-Point Urban Interchange and Diverging Diamond
  • Alternative Intersection analyses: Restricted Crossing U-Turn, Median U-Turn, Displaced Left-Turn
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Course Certification and PDHs

Upon completing this course, attendees are provided a course certificate and PDHs consistent with the course workload.


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