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Highway Safety Analysis Course

This course is for engineering, planning and road safety professionals who want to be familiarized with the Predictive Methods of the Highway Safety Manual. It is also designed to provide a solid foundation for those who are studying for exams such as PE, PTOE, or RSP.

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Highway Safety Manual crash prediction models and examples of safety performance prediction for highway segments and intersections, presented in 5 main sections:
  • HSM Introduction and OverviewHSM introduction, summary of content and principles
  • HSM Applications to Two-Lane Rural HighwaysTwo-lane rural segments and intersections
  • HSM Applications to Multilane Highways Multilane rural segments and intersections
  • HSM Applications to Urban and SuburbanUrban/suburban arterials segments and intersections
  • HSM Applications to FreewaysFreeways segments, speed change lanes, ramp components and ramp terminals
There are no prerequisites for this course. If software hands-on content is included, attendees are required to bring their own computers to class.

A comprehensive workbook is provided for the lectures.

The course format and length can be customized to your organization’s needs depending on the objectives and experience level of attendees. For example, a shorter course configuration can focus on the methodological aspects (“no hands-on”), while a longer configuration can include time for participants to practice with hands-on problems (“with hands on”). A suggested agenda is provided next considering options with and without hands-on content.
Training Day Content Duration
Day 01 HSM introduction and Overview
Two-Lane Highways
Multi-lane Highways
4h without hands-on content
8h with hands-on content
Day 02 Urban Arterials
4h without hands-on content
8h with hands-on content

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