This is a professional group hosted on LinkedIn to provide a direct connection between the TSIS-CORSIM users. The users are allowed to communicate directly with each other and share their questions as well as lessons learned while modeling and simulating transportation networks using TSIS-CORSIM. Membership is free of charge. You can join this group by clicking here.


The User Guide for TSIS, CORSIM and other components (TRAFED, TRAFVU, etc.) are provided entirely on a digital format under the Help option on the main menu. It includes a detailed description of all inputs and parameters used for TSIS modeling and CORSIM simulation.

FHWA Traffic Analysis Toolbox

TSIS-CORSIM has been used by FHWA for conducting research and applied by thousands of practitioners and researchers worldwide over the past 30 years, embodying a wealth of experience and maturity. Volume 4 of the Traffic Analysis Toolbox (CORSIM Application Guidelines) is available on the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) traffic analysis tools home page.