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The Highway Capacity Analysis Webinar Series consists of eight webinars scheduled as follows:

HCM 6th Edition and HCS7 Overview
March 20 (1:00-2:30 ET)

Signalized Intersections, Urban Streets, Ramp Terminals and Alternative Intersections (STREETS.WEB)
March 20 (2:30-4:00 ET) & March 21 (1:00-4:00 ET)
NEMA Phasing, Phase Duration & Multiple-Period Analysis
Flow Profile, Access Points, Travel Time Reliability & ATDM
Ramp Terminals and Alternative Intersections (DDI, DLT, RCUT & MUT)

Unsignalized Intersections (TWSC/AWSC, Roundabouts and Corridors) (UNSIGNAL.WEB)
March 22 (1:00-2:30 ET)
Updated Roundabout Capacity Equations and Geometric Delay

Freeway Segments and Facilities (FREEWAYS.WEB)
March 22 (2:30-4:00) & March 23 (1:00-2:30 ET)
Basic, Weaving and Merge & Diverge Segments
Facility Travel Time Reliability & ATDM

Multilane and Two-Lane Highways (HIGHWAYS.WEB)
March 23 (2:30-4:00 ET)

The HCM procedures will be presented to provide step-by-step instruction on the new 6th Edition methodologies, followed by workshops using examples and demonstrating the HCS7 application.

Registrations will be limited to the first twenty five to ensure questions and discussion can be managed appropriately. Individual registrations are required. This product is for multiple registrations from the same agency or company on a single transaction, the fee is discounted 20% at $400 per person using this product number (series2.WEB) (12 PDHs)

If you cannot pay by credit card, click here for a printable registration form.

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