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If you need assistance, please reach out to us. The McTrans HSM Subject Matter Expert (SME) team will provide you with help and support.
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To assist you better, please have your HCS7 registration number available. It can be found by selecting Help, then clicking ‘About HCS7’. Your version and registration numbers are below the header information. If possible, please share any input/project files as this will help us address any issues you may have.

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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

The section below contains our most frequently asked questions.

HSS is distributed along with HCS latest version as an office license that includes technical support (automatic updates, downloadable updates, toll-free telephone assistance, data file review, etc.) for the first year. Thereafter, an annual support subscription must be maintained to continue these services, but no more upgrade fees are required.

HSS is included within HCS7 which is a separate installation and does not automatically uninstall HCS 2010 (or any previous version). Although uninstalling the previous version(s) is recommended to avoid conflicts and confusion for most users, allowing multiple versions to co-exist on one computer can be managed if there is a need. Some issues to be aware of include: double-clicking on a data file within Windows Explorer will typically load it in the latest version; right clicking on a data file within Windows Explorer to use ‘Open With’ can show multiple versions without information to tell them apart; and information like agency data, default file paths, some default data, recent file list, window position, etc. is stored in the Windows registry, and changing this for one version will likely affect the others.

Yes. The current version of HSS is a complimentary software for now, which means it is installed along with the latest version of HCS.

Open Command Prompt and type Highway Safety Software. If you have HCS latest version and HSS was not installed, please contact our support via emailing or calling 800-226-1013. Alternatively, HSS can be found whenever you open HCS  > Tools > Highway Safety Software.

HSS is a typical Windows installation and the system should meet the following minimum requirements including Windows XP/Vista/7 or newer, 512MB RAM, VGA+ Monitor and 750 MB hard drive space available. This will be a completely new installation, separate from any existing version. The installation program will present a license agreement, which must be agreed to for the installation to proceed.

No issues have been discovered in testing or reported by users.

The Highway Safety Software (HSS) implements Crash Prediction Models from Highway Safety Manual (HSM) 1st edition and the HSM Supplement, as well as NCHRP project 17-70, which means the following chapters are included:
  • Chapter 10 – Rural Two-Lane, Two-Way Roads
  • Chapter 11 – Rural Multilane Highways
  • Chapter 12 – Urban and Suburban Arterials
  • Chapter 18 – Freeways
  • Chapter 19 – Ramps
  • NCHRP Project 17-70 – Roundabouts

HSS is designed to determine the predicted and expected number of crashes for segments and intersections following the Predictive Method, which is explained in the aforementioned HSM chapters. The basis of the Predictive Method is calculating a Safety Performance Function (SPF) and applying Crash Modification Factors (CMFs) based on certain geometric and safety feature data in the intersection/segment. Whenever Historical Crash data is available, HSS allows Empirical Bayes method implementation.