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Signalized Intersections, Urban Streets, Ramp Terminals and Alternative Intersections (HCM6 and HCS7)

July 10 (2:30-4:00 ET) & July 11 (1:00-4:00 ET)

The Signalized Intersections, Urban Streets and Interchange Ramp Terminals procedures will be presented to provide step-by-step instruction on the new HCM 6th Edition methodologies, followed by workshops using examples and demonstrating the HCS7 application. Beyond the basic procedures, Signalized Intersections will include multiple-period analysis and phase duration model; Urban Streets will include access point analysis and the flow profile model; and Ramp Terminals and Alternative Intersections Will also be covered.

Individual registrations are required. this product is for multiple registrations from the same agency or company on a single transaction, the fee is discounted 20% at $225 per person using this product number (STREETS2.WEB) (4.5 PDHs)

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