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New in HCS 2024

The new version of the Highway Capacity Software (HCS) is available from January 2024. The software is updated annually to improve functionality and incorporate updates from the Highway Capacity Manual. Explore the latest additions and features added to the new version release.


Upgraded UI in Freeways Module

The Freeways module brings several upgrades in its user interface (UI) to facilitate the data input process, including:

  • Mapping tool now saves node coordinates, allowing the user to revisit their inputs as much as needed
  • New input for “Ramp Demand” on the data grid, facilitating data input for large facilities
Horizontal curvature modeling - Two-lane Highways

Queue Lengths in ft.

The Stop-Controlled Intersections and Roundabouts modules now include a new output for back-of-queue length measured in feet. This feature was previously available only for signalized intersections, but was expanded to other intersections to address our users’ needs.


Improved User Experience

Added Undo/Redo Features

For Freeways, Highways, Freeways Reliability, Service Volumes, and Network Modules

Added Global Inputs to Highways

hcs global setting

Copy/paste from Excel

HCS copy/paste calibration table

Past Update Highlights

7th Edition of of Highway Capacity Manual (HCM)


The HCS 2024 release incorporates methodologies from the 7th Edition of HCM (2022) updates, including:




 一体化的Highway Capacity Software

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Highway Capacity Software

  • Adds new option for silent installation
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Streets 模块

  • Adds connected and automated vehicle (CAV) effects on saturation flow rates
  • Disables base saturation flow rate for invalid movements


  • Adds optional calibration for conflicting flow factors
  • Includes other minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Provides back-of-queue length in ft.


  • Improves format of the formatted report to be printed on one page
  • Combines Approach Delay and Approach LOS rows in formatted report
  • Includes other minor bug fixes and improvements
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Freeways 模块

  • Allows importing facilities from precoded segmentation database
  • Updates the facility graph
  • Adds a new Calibration page to show input parameters and background colors based on outputs on the same table
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Freeways (cont.)

  • Displays safety analysis results in text reports for freeway segments based on Chapter 18 of Highway Safety Manual (HSM) 1st Edition
  • Adds Proportion of CAVs and Ramp Demand Adjustment Factors to Segments Global Inputs
  • Adds input for Vehicle Value of Time (VOT) and result for Total Delay Cost
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Highways 模块

  • Displays safety analysis results in text reports for highway segments based on Chapters 11 and 12 of Highway Safety Manual (HSM) 1st edition
  • Updates Two-Lane chart to use Adjusted Follower Density instead of Follower Density
  • Updates Two-Lane reports when d/c > 1
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Service Volumes

  • Implements connected and automated vehicle (CAV) service volume tables in text reports

Highways 模块

  • Adds new Network module to provide network-level spillback analysis based on Chapter 38 of 7th Edition of HCM
  • Adds modeling of network with urban street facilities and freeway facilities
  • Estimates O-D-based travel time

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