TSIS-CORSIM Version History

TSIS-CORSIM 2023 Release History

  • Adds suggested addresses list to the Bing Maps location input
  • Adds deterministic or stochastic pedestrian arrivals for the pedestrian generator in actuated signals
  • Updates zooming based on the location’s size for Bing Maps location
  • Updates the Multi-Run UI to show both detailed MOE and Object inputs
  • Updates the Lanes and Incidents tabs of Freeway Links
  • Standardizes the positions of all OK and Cancel buttons
  • Fixes offset times not saving for actuated and pretimed controllers
  • Fixes the upstream and downstream node selection boxes not showing any node numbers
  • Fixes a crash that occurs when deleting links for hand-typed or older files with excess empty spaces
  • Fixes a crash that occurs when changing the mean frequency input for parking properties
  • Includes other bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixes Undo and Redo for Map View, Text Editor, and all other dialogs
  • Adds Phase 1 CAVs including a CAV vehicle type and CAV market penetration input
  • Visualizes CORSIM outputs with several graphs for fuel, emissions, and queueing
  • Redesigns Vehicle Trajectory Dashboard
  • Adds properties dialog for stop / yield signs to set two-way, all-way, or other configurations
  • Adds full support for opening HCS and TRAFED files directly
  • Adds exporting Bing Maps locations to TRAVFU as a background image
  • Improves performance for network background images
  • Includes other bug fixes and improvements

TSIS-CORSIM 2022 Release History

  • Upgrades the installation and software activation procedures with up-to-date protection
  • Redesigns UI with new windows, icons, buttons, and menus for an enhanced user experience
  • Adds Bing Maps as an optional background to overlay a network on
  • Adds optional Automatic link length scaling when moving around nodes
  • Includes other bug fixes and improvements