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HCS 2010™ (Release 6.80) is available.

HCS 2010 includes updated modules to implement the new Highway Capacity Manual (HCM 2010) procedures for Urban Streets, Signalized Intersections, Interchange Ramp Terminals, Roundabouts, Basic Freeway Segments, Freeway Weaving Segments, Freeway Merge & Diverge Segments, Freeway Facilities, Two-Lane Highways and Multilane Highways. Quick Animation using CORSIM for HCS (now built-in) provides this feature for the Streets, Signals, Roundabouts, TWSC, AWSC, Freeways, Weaving, Ramps and Facilities modules within HCS 2010.

Signals includes a completely redesigned screen now organized to permit the most commonly entered data to be viewed without scrolling.  A new graphical tool (Quick Phases) provides for entering NEMA Phasing data with assistance from a companion Phasing View graphic.

Streets combines the Signalized Intersections, Urban Streets Segments and Urban Streets Facilities procedures, including multimodal (pedestrian, bicycle and transit) levels of service; modeling the effects of access points on travel speed and platoon integrity; and Visual Mode for a graphic input option with background maps and tabular data screens. Quick Optimization (one-touch export to TRANSYT-7F) and Full Optimization (HCM-based internal genetic algorithm) will optimize cycle length, splits and offsets. Major overhauls to the modules for Roundabouts and Weaving led to rewrites of these methodologies that are also included, however the traditional HCS look and feel was retained.