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Version Release

New in HSS 2024

The new version of the Highway Safety Software (HSS) is available from January 2024. The software is updated annually to improve functionality and incorporate updates from the Highway Safety Manual. Explore the latest additions and features that have been added to the new version release.

Integration with HCS and HSS

Streamline your studies by integrating capacity and safety analyses for freeways/highways between our software tools:

  • Ability to open HCS freeway/highway files directly in HSS, automatically converting inputs between the HCM and HSM methodologies
  • HSS safety results may be included in HCS highways and freeway analysis
Integrated Safety and Operation Analysis

A Comprehensive Solution for Highway Safety Studies

New Procedures

  • Adds procedure for Urban and Suburban Roadway Segments with Six or More Lanes
  • Adds procedure for Intersections of Urban and Suburban Arterials with Six or More Lanes
  • Adds procedure for Urban and Suburban One-Way Arterial Roadway Segments
  • Adds procedure for Intersections of Urban and Suburban One-Way Arterials
  • Adds procedure for Intersections with All-Way Stop Control
  • Adds procedure for Three-Leg Intersections with Signal Control on Rural Highways

Updates Analysis

Improved User Experience


  • Adds EB Analysis for Roundabouts
  • Improves EB Analysis for Rural Multilane
  • Adds example files for new procedures
  • Redesigns layout of ramp terminal input page
  • Adds option to allow hiding of economic reports

New Addition

  • Adds approach directions for 4SG and 3SG intersections
  • Adds new pedestrian volume to compute pedestrian activity level
  • Adds error message to show when number of left-turn phases are more than three for 3SG intersections
  • Adds new option of “None” for Left-Turn Phasing
  • Adds note to show CMFs are not applicable for signalized intersections of Multilane Highways

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