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3 Ways Pedestrians can be Included in TSIS-CORSIM Traffic Simulation Model

2022-08-02T19:33:00+00:00October 29, 2021|
Dr. Gustavo de Andrade
Dr. Gustavo de Andrade

CORSIM can model the effect of pedestrians at intersections in three ways:

  1. Coding pedestrian volume intensities (see picture). Higher pedestrian volumes cause vehicles to slow down more when making right-turns.
  2. Pedestrian actuated signals, for actuated controllers. Note that actuated signals can operate similarly to a pre-timed signal by invoking a max recall configuration.
  3. Mean discharge headway (saturation flow rate). Mean discharge headways can be increased to account for pedestrians as recommended by the Highway Capacity Manual procedures.
TSIS-CORSIM Intersection Properties
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