Behzad Aghdashi

Information Technology Specialist
Kyle Arola

Software Developer
Christian Breau

Accounting Specialist
Jonathan Czerenda

Marketing & Communications Specialist
Mitch D’Arrigo

Product Design Team Lead
Gustavo de Andrade

Development Team Lead
Shen Dong

Visual Designer
Melissa Ginoza

Software Developer
Jeremy Gluck

Sales Specialist
Pamela Johnson

Human Resources Specialist
Kimberly Krueger

Webinars and Training Coordinator
Sonja Mincey

Software Developer
David Nazef

HSM Subject Matter Expert
Karla Rodrigues-Silva

Outreach and Training Team Lead
Fabio Sasahara

Information Technology Specialist
Randy Switt

Software QA/QC Analyst
Samantha Taningco

Software Developer
Guoqian Yan

Current Students

McTrans Center offers unique work opportunities for current students. Student workers are welcomed as valuable contributors and they have an impact on the work at McTrans. Build upon the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. By joining us, gain first-hand experience working as part of a highly collaborative team in the transportation industry.

We currently have open positions.
If you’re interested, please contact us at