TRANSYT-7F™, United States Version

TRANSYT-7F release 11 features genetic algorithm optimization of cycle length, phasing sequence, splits, and offsets. TRANSYT-7F is the only software package available that combines a state-of-the-art optimization process (including genetic algorithm, multi-period and direct CORSIM optimization) with a cutting-edge macroscopic simulation model (including platoon dispersion, queue spillback and actuated control simulation). TRANSYT-7F requires Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

Download Release 11.3 (requires release 11.2)

Capabilities of TRANSYT-7F

  • Import HCS files and/or CORSIM files
  • Export HCS files and/or CORSIM files
  • Detailed simulation of existing conditions
  • Multi-period optimization, hill-climb optimization
  • Lane-by-lane analysis, actuated control analysis
  • Direct CORSIM optimization, CORSIM post-processing
  • One-touch CORSIM animation, one-touch HCS analysis
  • Optimization based on a wide variety of objective functions
  • Full flexibility in modeling unusual lane configurations and timing plans
  • Explicit simulation of platoon dispersion, queue spillback, and queue spillover
  • Full flexibility in modeling English and metric units, right-hand and left-hand driving
  • Genetic algorithm optimization of cycle length, phasing sequence, splits, and offsets