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TransModeler SE Integration with HCS7

Coming soon in Release 7.9, more animation capabilties (Freeway Facilities, AWSC, and TWSC) are included by TransModeler SE. Through the generosity of Caliper Corporation, TransModeler SE licenses will be available at no cost to HCS users for one year.

TransModeler SE is a low-cost but high-fidelity traffic microsimulation software that is designed to put powerful, easy-to-use microsimulation and 3D visualization at every traffic engineer’s disposal. TransModeler SE integrates traffic simulation with HCM analysis, traffic impact analysis (TIA), and signal optimization and will therefore serve as a bridge from HCS analysis to a range of more advanced traffic analysis and microsimulation applications.

The full functionality and flexibility of TransModeler SE will be available to users who wish to extend their HCM analysis to more detailed and more accurate evaluation of a broader variety of geometric designs, from single-lane and multi-lane roundabouts to novel intersection and interchange designs, such as RCUT, MUT, CGT, CFI, DDI, and more.

TransModeler SE includes the most essential features of Caliper Corporation’s TransModeler Traffic Simulation Software, the most advanced and most capable traffic simulator available, and the only high fidelity microsimulation software made in the US.

TransModeler and TransModeler SE are now standard in a growing number of states, with increasing market share abroad. TransModeler’s increasing rate of adoption is driven by a modern, patented GIS architecture, superior, empirically-proven driver behavior algorithms calibrated especially for traffic conditions in the US, and ease of use unrivaled by other microsimulation alternatives.

For more information about TransModeler and TransModeler SE, visit or or contact Caliper Corporation at