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Integrate T7F with HCS and TSIS-CORSIM

Dr. Gustavo de Andrade2024-01-23T21:03:54+00:00April 1, 2022|
Dr. Gustavo de Andrade
Dr. Gustavo de Andrade


TRANSYT-7F (T7F) is included with McTrans HCS and TSIS-CORSIM software for signal optimization.
See how to leverage the potential of T7F for your McTrans software applications.

HCS Quick Signal Optimization
With one touch, the user can export an arterial corridor model and settings in HCS to TRANSYT-7F (T7F), optimizing signal timings and coordination. T7F simulation results and timings can be visualized in T7F outputs or as an animation in TRAFVU. Alternatively, the user may use the timing proposed by T7F in HCS.

HCS Quick Signal Optimization



signal optimization for TSIS-CORSIM
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