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Exclusive Pedestrian Phase

Dr. Gustavo de Andrade2023-07-12T19:46:43+00:00November 15, 2021|
Dr. Gustavo de Andrade
Dr. Gustavo de Andrade

Exclusive pedestrian phasing is an established safety measure for downtown areas with high pedestrian crossing movement (Read more at FHWA). Also, it may be required for Single-Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) operations. It is activated with the pedestrian phase, such as when a manual call button is pushed, when pedestrians are detected by sensors, or even during low traffic conditions.

Exclusive Pedestrian Phase TimeFollowing the 6th Edition of HCM (2016) methodology, the Highway Capacity Software allows adding an exclusive pedestrian phase to the analysis. The input is found under Detailed Input Data > Signal and is available to the user for uncoordinated intersections. This phase stops motorized vehicle movement from all approaches through their duration. The pedestrian phase duration is added to the total cycle length as red time for vehicles coming from all approaches.

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