Animation and Graphics Module

Version 5.1 of TRAFVU offers the following new features:

  • A directory has been added to the CD that includes the files necessary to view and animate traffic networks using TRAFVU.  This directory may be copied by licensed users and distributed to non-licensed individuals for the purpose of viewing networks and animating vehicles, signals, and MOE using files created by a licenced user of the package.  The TRAFVU Viewer directory contains a special licence and instructional files for distributing TRAFVU as a Viewer.
  • TRAFVU now displays the bitmap background used by TRAFED.  When exporting the TRAFED network to a CORSIM input (.TRF) file, TRAFED writes the bitmap information to the .TRF file.  From the Display menu and a corresponding toolbar button, the user can toggle the display of the background bitmap.
  • TRAFVU now displays link names on the network map next to links that have entries on record type 10 in the .TRF file.  From the Display menu and a corresponding toolbar button, the user can toggle the display of the link names.  Using the Preferences dialog, the user can control the color, size, and placement of the link names on the network map.
  • TRAFVU now maintains application and window settings for a user between TRAFVU sessions.  Each user can have different preference settings.  Application-level preferences include:  dynamic scrolling, tool tip display, and APC window settings (including size and placement).  Window-level preferences include:  object display button settings, vehicle color and detail properties, background color, link name settings, and window component (toolbar, legend, status bar) display preferences.
  • The user can now control the display of warning and HOV signs using the Warning Sign item on the Display menu or the corresponding toolbar button.
  • It is now possible to right click on an entry link to display its attributes, e.g., entry volume.
  • The Zoom Capture and Set dialog have been modified to allow specifying a file to which window coordinates are saved or from which they are retrieved.  This allows the user to save multiple sets of coordinates for a single or multiple cases.
  • TRAFVU can now load cases (.TRF files) from write-protected directories/drives and from CD-ROM.
  • Logic has been added to control whether links are animated above or below intersections.

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