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Version Release

New in TSIS-CORSIM 2024

The new version of TSIS-CORSIM is available from January 2024. The software is updated annually to improve its analysis and functionality. Explore the latest additions and features added to the new version release.

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New Map View Design

A new appearance for Map View with a modern color scheme that makes it easier to distinguish between Freeway and Street elements

New Map-View Framework

TSIS-CORSIM’s Map View has moved to use Windows Presentation Foundation, which comes with a modern look and significantly improved interface performance.

New Bings Map Interface

Bing Maps can be added as a background to your TSIS-CORSIM network.

Easily Define and Manage
Traffic Analysis Projects

Integrated Files

Network Data is now edited through the CORSIM (.trf) file, which means no need to keep a separate TRAFED (.tno) file

Enhanced Project File Compatibility

Directly open files from:

  • TSIS version 6.3 (TRAFED editor)
  • HCS Streets, Unsignalized Intersection modules, and Freeways (HCS7 and newer)

Toll Plaza

TSIS-CORSIM can model toll lanes with different settings, including automatic and manual booths, plaza lane-changing logic, free lanes, temporary lane closures, vehicle restriction on selected lanes, and animations and all lane-based MOEs

Bing Maps

  • Bing Maps support for the background of TRAFVU networks
  • Improved performance for network background images

Input Validation

Improved input validation to ensure modeling accuracy


Graphical road curvature can be added to links to show a more accurate representation of a network for modeling

Scenario Generation with Growth Factors

Ability to modify all node volumes and/or turn movement volumes with a growth factor

Updated Design

A modern user interface for Windows 10 and 11 Usability

User Interface

  • Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Redo (Ctrl+Y) commands are available for all dialogs, including the Map View interface and Text Editor tool
  • Quickly search through the extensive CORSIM text report

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