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Integrated Safety and Operation Analysis

2023-04-12T13:36:29+00:00December 8, 2022|
Dr. Karla Rodrigues
Dr. Karla Rodrigues-Silva
Dr. Shen Dong
Jeremy Gluck
Jeremy Gluck

The 2023 release of McTrans software offers two options for integrating Highway Capacity Software (HCS) to the Highway Safety Software (HSS) for combined operations and safety analyses for freeways and highways.

  1. Open your HCS project on HSS

    Open HCS projects in HSS
    The Highway Safety Software 2023 now allows users to directly open HCS Freeways and Highways project files. In the Open Dialog, choose “HCS Freeways/Highways Files (*.xuf)” to view and select HCS Freeways files. HSS automatically reads HCS Freeways facilities data and converts it into corresponding HSM-compliant inputs.

  2. Get safety results in your HCS analysis

    Get safety results in HCS analysis
    New input file compatibility between HCS and HSS enables integrated operations and safety analyses for highways and freeways. HSS safety results may be included in HCS highways and freeway analysis and visualized alongside with Level of Service (LOS) on the reports, allowing for easy comparison between the two measures for any studied scenario.

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