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TSIS-CORSIM version 6.3 plus TRANSYT-7F has now been mailed at no cost to all registered users with a current support subscription. It is also available for purchase on this site. Version 6.3 offers a variety of new features including the Streets Editor, high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes, advanced toll plazas, interactive lane alignment in TSIS Next and adaptive cruise control.

Traffic Software Integrated System – Corridor Simulation

TSIS 6.3 was released in August 2012, and has been mailed to all offices with a current support subscription. TSIS-CORSIM is a microscopic traffic simulation software package for signal systems, freeway systems, or combined signal and freeway systems. TSIS-CORSIM requires Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Click on the hyperlinks below for more information.

CORSIM™ 6.2 Patch (requires TSISTM 6.2)
CORSIM™ 6.1 Patch (requires TSISTM 6.1)
CORSIM™ 6.0 Patch (requires TSISTM 6.0)

Discounts are available for qualified academic purchases.

Volume 4 of the Traffic Analysis Toolbox (CORSIM Application Guidelines) is available on the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) traffic analysis tools home page. Refer to the McTrans home page for a link to the FHWA traffic analysis tools.

TSIS is an integrated development environment that enables users to conduct traffic operations analysis. Built using a component architecture, TSIS is a toolbox that contains tools that allow the user to define and manage traffic analysis projects, define traffic networks and create inputs for traffic simulation analysis, execute traffic simulation models and interpret the results of those models.

  • Verification and validation of other software
  • Surrogate for field data collection
  • Public presentation and demonstration
  • Freeway and surface street interchanges
  • Signal timing and signal coordination
  • Diverging diamond interchanges (DDI)
  • Land use traffic impact studies and access management studies
  • Emergency vehicles and signal pre-emption
  • Freeway weaving sections, lane adds and lane drops
  • Bus stations, bus routes, carpools and taxis
  • Ramp metering and HOV lanes
  • High occupancy toll (HOT) lanes
  • Unsignalized intersections and signal warrants
  • Two-lane highways with passing and no-passing zones
  • Incident detection and management
  • Queuing studies involving turn pockets and queue blockage
  • Toll plazas and truck weigh stations
  • Origin-destination traffic flow patterns
  • Traffic assignment for surface streets
  • Statistical output post-processing
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Run-time extension (RTE) for researchers
  • Simulation of right-hand drive or left-hand drive
  • Import files from HCSTM (Streets, Unsignal, Interchanges, Freeways, Ramps, Weaving)
  • Import files from TRANSYT-7F*, to quickly generate a network with dozens of signalized intersections
  • Export files to TRANSYT-7F*, for signal timing optimization and intersection level of service

* TSIS-CORSIM and TRANSYT-7F are now distributed together as one combined product. TRANSYT-7F release 11.33 is now automatically installed by the TSIS 6.3 installation CD.

Extensive HTML-based electronic documentation is available for free within the TSIS package. Context-sensitive help is available on numerous software screens. Users guides in Acrobat (PDF) format are available on the installation CD.