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Traffic Software Integrated System

TSIS 6.3 was released in August 2012, and has been mailed to all registered offices with a current support subscription. TSIS 6.3 contains several improvements including the Streets Editor, HOT lanes, advanced toll plazas, interactive lane alignment in TSIS Next, adaptive cruise control, and bug fixes. Click to read the summary of new improvements in version 6.3.

Download The Corsim Enhancements File

The Components of TSIS

CORSIM microscopic simulation model
TRAFED graphical input editor
TRAFVU animation and graphics
TSIS Next animation plus input editing
Streets Editor
TShell program manager
TSIS Output Processor
CORSIM Run Time Extension

HCS (sold separately) one-touch animation for NETSIM and/or FRESIM


TSIS-CORSIM and TRANSYT-7F are now distributed together as one combined product. TRANSYT-7F release 11.33 is now automatically installed by the TSIS 6.3 installation CD. TRANSYT-7F enhances the traffic signal analysis functionality of CORSIM in the following ways: 1) import CORSIM files and optimize their signal timing, 2) automatically generate input files for NETSIM, 3) compute level of service for NETSIM intersections, 4) generate time-space diagrams for NETSIM, and 5) generate summary text reports for CORSIM (network-wide outputs also reflect FRESIM results when applicable).

Recent Release History

TSIS 6.2 was originally released in February 2010, together with CORSIM build 510, and the first update (CORSIM build 512) was released in December 2010. TSIS 6.2 introduced several improvements including signal pre-emption for actuated controllers, traffic assignment for actuated controllers, two-lane rural highways with passing and no-passing zones, vehicle type O-D volumes in FRESIM, animation plus input editing in TSIS Next, new sample networks, and bug fixes. TSIS 6.1 was originally released in December 2008, together with CORSIM build 508, and the first update (CORSIM build 509) was released in January 2009. TSIS 6.1 introduced several improvements including the TSIS Next interface, 9-lane NETSIM approaches, left-hand drive, new sample networks, bug fixes, and documentation fixes. TSIS 6.0 was originally released in January 2007, and the first update (CORSIM build 507) was released in December 2007. CORSIM build 507 contained over 20 new features and corrections, relative to the original CORSIM 6.0.

Click to read the summary of features in previous versions.