Animation and Graphics Module

Version 6 of TRAFVU offers the following new features:

    • TRAFVU can now process animation files larger than 2 gigabytes.
    • If desired, the user can now ignore any desired set of links during animation, which reduces animation file size.
    • The user can now observe vehicles entering the network during the initialization period, if desired.
    • TRAFVU now reports interval-specific data in addition to cumulative data. Time interval-specific data is more reflective of conditions at the time shown.
    • TRAFVU now reports exactly the same MOE values as CORSIM.
    • TRAFVU 6.1 added support for 9-lane intersection approaches, emergency vehicles, and left-hand drive.
    • TRAFVU 6.2 added support for two-lane rural highways, with passing and no-passing zones.

TRAFVU 6.3 added support for advanced toll plazas.

View the features that were introduced within TRAFVU 5.1.