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Training Opportunities

The McTrans Center is pleased to offer multiple training opportunities, including a variety of courses for transportation professionals as described below. Scheduling a course for your area is simple and risk-free. We will happily arrange nearly everything, requiring your help only for the venue and local promotion. The McTrans Center can also provide the instruction and course materials for your meeting or conference — we are here to help and are very flexible!

HCM6 and HCS7 Overview

This sixty-minute video provides an overview of the Highway Capacity Manual 6th Edition (HCM6) focusing on the changes chapter by chapter including modifications since its publication.  Demonstrations of the Highway Capacity Software (HCS7) to show the latest modules and architecture including the integration of TransModeler SE.  You can access the video here:

Follow these links for more details about a full training course or webinar series  Please contact McTrans with any questions at 1-800-226-1013 or

Highway Capacity Analysis

This course has been developed for transportation professionals interested in the latest updates and software applications to the HCM. In addition to a general overview of the HCM highlighting the changes, each procedure will be presented to provide step-by-step instruction on the new HCM methodologies followed by workshops using examples and demonstrating the HCS application. (The three-day course is hands on.) 12/18 PDH

Highway Safety Analysis

This course presents the Highway Safety Manual crash prediction models and examples of safety performance prediction for highway segments and intersections. The course is divided in 5 main sections: 1) HSM Introduction and Overview – HSM introduction, summary of content and principles. 2) HSM Applications to Two-Lane Rural Highways – HSM predictive methods and crash modification factors for two-lane rural segments and intersections 3) HSM Applications to Multi-lane Highways – HSM predictive methods and crash modification factors for multilane rural segments and intersections. 4) HSM Applications to Urban and Suburban Arterials – HSM predictive methods and crash modification factors for urban/suburban arterials segments and intersections. 5) HSM Applications to Freeways– HSM predictive methods and crash modification factors for Freeways segments, speed change lanes, ramp components and ramp terminals.

HCS Hands-On Training

This workshop format training is developed for transportation professionals interested in developing hands-on experience in the use of HCS. Our experts will explore in detail the steps of a typical analysis in the HCS, from providing inputs and generating reports to advanced topics such as automatic freeway segmentation or analyzing complex elements such as interchanges and alternative intersections.