Online Workshop

Hands-On HCS Workshop

This course is for engineering and planning professionals with basic knowledge of highway capacity analysis and traffic engineering concepts who want to develop hands-on experience with the HCS.

Note: This course is strongly focused on the use of HCS applications. If you are looking to develop a strong foundation on the HCM methods, please check our Highway Capacity Analysis Course.

HCS7 Home Screen

Our experienced instructors will walk through the essential steps of a typical capacity analysis, such as creating a new analysis for different facility types, reviewing currently developed HCS files, checking for input errors, and interpreting HCS outputs for analysis purposes.
  • Basic knowledge of highway capacity analysis and traffic engineering concepts.
  • Attendees must meet minimum technology requirements such as having a computer with steady internet connection and access to basic applications such as Zoom and a PDF reader.
  • The use of HCS is required for the hands-on problems in the course. Time-limited versions of HCS can be provided to registrants if needed.
  • For an optimal experience, we recommend the use of dual monitors to follow the instructor screen and work with the software simultaneously.
  • A comprehensive workbook is provided for the lectures.
  • Time-limited versions of HCS can be provided to registrants if needed.

The series is organized as follows, with all presentations from 1:00PM to 5:00PM ET.

HCS Hands-on Training Series Schedule (All Times are ET)
Day 01
lineFreeway analyses with HCS, including:

  • Modeling individual segments (Basic, Weaving, Merge and Diverge)
  • Freeway Facilities: modeling a facility, automatic segmentation, oversaturated conditions, work zones, managed lanes
  • Travel Time Reliability analysis
  • Planning Level Analyses
Day 01
lineHighway analyses with HCS, including:

  • Multilane Highways: Operational and Planning level analyses
  • Two-Lane Highways: individual segments, facilities and Super 2 highways
Unsignalized Intersections
Day 02
lineUnsignalized intersection analyses with HCS, including:

  • Two-Way Stop Control (TWSC): isolated intersections and effects of upstream signals
  • All-Way Stop Control (AWSC)
  • Roundabouts
Signalized Intersections
Day 02
lineSignalized intersection analyses with HCS, including:

  • Pre-timed, actuated and coordinated control
  • Single period and multiperiod analyses
  • Signal timing optimization
Urban Streets
Day 02
lineUrban Street analyses with HCS, including:

  • Individual segments and facilities
  • Segments with roundabouts
  • Travel Time Reliability analysis
Interchanges and
Alternative Intersections
Day 02
  • Interchange analyses: Diamond, Parclo, Single-Point Urban Interchange and Diverging Diamond
  • Alternative Intersection analyses: Restricted Crossing U-Turn, Median U-Turn, Displaced Left-Turn

Course fees are $300 per person.

For multiple registrations from the same agency or company on a single transaction, the fee is discounted 20% at $240 per person.

Course Certification and PDHs

Upon completing this course, attendees are provided a course certificate and 8 PDHs.


The registration for November 09 – 10 is available.
After registration, please send us an email and determine the date (the week) that you want to take the online workshop.