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Two-Lane Highways Simulation and Truck Behavior

Dr. Gustavo de Andrade2023-07-12T20:49:41+00:00July 15, 2022|
Dr. Gustavo de Andrade
Dr. Gustavo de Andrade

TSIS-CORSIM can simulate two-lane highways and generate service measures compatible with the 6th Edition of HCM (2016) methodology and the new 7th Edition of HCM (2022) methodology:

HCM6: Speed and Percent-Time Spent Following (PTSF)
HCM7: Follower Density (FD)

One-lane freeway sequential links between two origin/destination nodes can be modeled as two-lane highways in TSIS. CORSIM is able to simulate platooning, and passing movements in the opposite direction of traffic where passing is permitted.

The case shows a model with short passing lanes on a two-lane highway with heavy traffic (1,000 vph and 50% trucks).
Trucks are biased to use the rightmost lane of the passing lanes, which is a standard regulation in some states and countries. Two-lane highway performance improved as compared to a base scenario with prohibited passing, and the HCM LOS improved from D to C. Biased trucks are shown in red on the animation as faster vehicles overtake using the passing lane.

Truck behavior can be calibrated by editing link properties (right-click > Edit Link), while the two-lane highway overtaking algorithm parameters can be calibrated on the menu Network > FRESIM > Two-lane highways.

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