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HCS 2010

HCS 2010
(Release 6.1) is available.

This major upgrade to the Highway Capacity Software (HCSTM) is HCS 2010. It implements the procedures defined in the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) 2010, published by the Transportation Research Board (TRB). This first release of HCS 2010 (6.1) includes updated modules to implement the new procedures for Signalized Intersections, Roundabouts, Basic Freeway Segments, Freeway Weaving Segments, Freeway Merge & Diverge Segments, Two-Lane Highways, and Multilane Highways.

The new Signals module has been completely redesigned using the latest programming technology to provide a more intuitive and interactive tool for analyzing signalized intersections. Most critical data are consolidated on the initial screen, with more detailed and multimodal (pedestrian and bicycle LOS) fields available on expandable views. A new Streets program will combine the Signalized Intersections, Urban Streets Segments, Urban Streets Facilities and Interchange Ramp Terminals procedures and is planned for later this year.

Updated modules for Two-Way Stop Control (to add six-lane major streets), All-Way Stop Control (to add three-lane approaches), Interchange Ramp Terminals (to incorporate the new Signals procedures) and Freeway Facilities (to implement oversaturated conditions), along with a new module for Off-Street Pedestrian & Bicycle Facilities, will also be included in updates planned for this year.

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