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Intersection Capacity Analysis

This course has been developed for transportation professionals interested in the latest updates and software applications to the HCM 6th Edition for signalized, stop-controlled and roundabout intersections, as well as urban streets and interchange ramp terminals. Each procedure will be presented to provide step-by-step instruction on the new HCM 6th Edition methodologies followed by workshops using examples and demonstrating the HCS7 application. A comprehensive workbook is provided and a general agenda for the one-day version (a day and a half if hands on) follows:

Welcome and Introductions Roster sign-in, workbook distribution, agenda, schedule, informal discussion.
Principles and Concepts Review of peak-hour factor, flow rate, delay, headway, queue, and level of service.
Stop-Controlled Intersections Step-by-step instruction on the HCM Chapters 20 & 21 procedures and HCS7 demonstration.
Roundabouts Step-by-step instruction on the HCM Chapter 22 procedures and HCS7 demonstration.
Signalized Intersections Step-by-step instruction on the HCM Chapter 19 procedures and HCS7 demonstration.
– Including Saturation Flow, NEMA Phasing, Phase Duration, IQA Model, Oversaturated Conditions and Multiple-Period Analysis.
Urban Streets Step-by-step instruction on the HCM Chapters 16 & 18 procedures and HCS7 demonstration.
– Including Flow Profile, Platoon Dispersion Access Points, Coordination, Optimization, Animation and Visual Mode
Interchange Ramp Terminals Step-by-step instruction on the HCM Chapter 23 procedures and HCS7 demonstration.

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