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Traffic Network Study Seminar

This traffic network study seminar will provide lectures on traffic flow theory, and hands-on software applications using the Traffic Network Study Tool, United States Version (TRANSYT-7F). Release 11 of TRANSYT-7F implements traffic network simulation and traffic signal timing optimization in a Windows interface. Each lecture will include software demonstrations and opportunities for students to use different components or modules of the software. A comprehensive workbook will be provided with the course. The seminar will be conducted in a computer lab setting. A comprehensive workbook will be provided with the course. The agenda follows:

Day 1

Welcome and Introductions Roster sign-in, workbook distribution, agenda, schedule, informal discussion.
History, Scope, Applications and Resources
Software Components and Interface
Editing Input Data
Creating a New Network
Permitted/Shared Movements
Oversatuarated Conditions

Day 2

Overview of Optimization
Traffic-Actuated Control
Hands-On Coding Exercise
Genetic Algorithm Optimization
Optimization Case Studies
CORSIM Optimization Examples
Summary, Evaluations and Closing


David Hale is an assistant engineer at the McTrans Center, faculty member of the University of Florida, and transportation software subcommittee chairman for the national committee on Intelligent Traffic Signal Operations. His job responsibilities include software development, training, and technical assistance. He has a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona, and Masters and Doctorate degrees from the University of Florida.

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