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A Quicker-and-Easier Version of TSIS

TSIS Next, a new user-interface for CORSIM, is now installed alongside the original TSIS. TSIS Next contains the same type of functionality that can be seen in the TShell, TRAFED, and TRAFVU component programs; but with a completely different architecture, offering a unique set of advantages and limitations. It is now possible to use either version of TSIS, depending on which features and functionality are desired.

TSIS Next version now animates vehicles on the map, somewhat similar to TRAFVU. The new “interactive lane alignment” feature allows for more accurate roadway displays. An icon is available for switching between lane drawing mode (like TRAFVU) and the default link-node diagram mode (like TRAFED). TSIS Next also contains full support for recently-added features such as HOT lanes, advanced toll plazas, adaptive cruise control, two-lane rural highways, left-hand drive, and vehicle type O-D.