DSPEd version 1.3.0

DYNASMART-P Graphical Input Editor

DSPEd is a graphical user interface to facilitate the preparation of DYNASMART-P datasets. With significant enhancements, DSPEd 1.3.0 allows a user to import network and demand data from other transportation planning models or GIS tools such as TransCAD, TP+, VISUM, or ESRI products. DSPEd 1.3.0 also enables a user to edit a network in a click-an-drag manner. Some of the new features in version 1.3.0 include:
  • Convenient import of network and demand data from other planning models
  • Click-and-drag network/control creation and editing interface based on background imagery
  • Extending a network by dragging links out from existing nodes
  • Splitting an existing link into two links by dropping a node on the link
  • Putting layout of a network using a background image as a guide to place nodes and links
  • Easy conversion of baseline static OD matrix to time-dependent OD matrices
  • Preset of intersection inbound signal movements
  • Feature points editing tool to easily create and modify link curvature
  • Automatic origin and destination nodes selection based on TAZ zone boundary
DSPEd is distributed as part of the DYNASMART-P package and will be automatically installed during the DYNASMART-P installation.  DSPEd is not sold separately - purchasers of DYNASMART-P receive DSPEd automatically.  Hardcopy documentation is not available, but electronic help documents are included within the software at no extra charge.