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About the CORSIM™ 6.0 Update

Note: If you have received TSIS 6.1, which contains build 508 of CORSIM, you do not need to download this update. Build 507 of CORSIM, created in October 2007, can now be downloaded and used within TSIS 6.0. The installation program may take 30-60 seconds to find the location of TSIS 6.0 on some computers.

Click here to download the installation program for build 507 of CORSIM.


  • CORSIM can now explicitly simulate 3-lane turn pockets on a NETSIM approach
  • Turn movement control delays in NETSIM are now provided in units of seconds per vehicle
  • The maximum length of turn pockets in NETSIM has been increased from 1000 feet to 9999 feet
  • Added the Delay Control Total MOE to the NETSIM Network_Surface list of MOEs available to the Output Processor
  • Diagonal turn movement MOEs (e.g., control delay) for NETSIM were added to the output file and the output processor
  • Increased the amount of FRESIM travel time and delay time that can be measured, to prevent overflow when simulating large FRESIM networks
  • Implemented left-hand drive in NETSIM (Note: FRESIM and TSIS Next also support left-hand drive, TRAFED/TRAFVU still assume right-hand drive)
  • Increased the average spacing between NETSIM queued vehicles from 3 feet to 7 feet, with a range of 5 feet (driver type 10) to 9 feet (driver type 1)


  • Interior lane drop processing was improved in FRESIM
  • Added logic to check for spillback on diagonal receiving links in NETSIM
  • NETSIM turn percentages are now stored as real numbers instead of integers
  • Corrections were made to the processing of conditional turn movements (RT 22) in NETSIM
  • Corrections were made to simulating conditional (dual) service for actuated control (RT 47) in NETSIM
  • CORSIM no longer crashes for TRF files that request FRESIM conflict data for NETSIM-only networks
  • Error checking was improved to prevent acceleration lanes from being fed directly by a mainline lane in FRESIM
  • Corrections were made to NETSIM spillback checking in cases where the left-turn receiving link is identical to the thru receiving link
  • Corrections were made to actuated timing plan transition (RT 49) in NETSIM, which was not working properly for certain ranges of offsets
  • Corrections were made to the CORSIM entry node generation of vehicles when the Erlang headway distribution was in effect for oversaturated conditions
  • FRESIM origin-destination inputs (RT 74) will now override turn movement inputs (RT 25 and 26) in the same time period, but will not override turn movement inputs in a future time period
  • Added a mechanism for CORSIMDriver to tell CORSIM that the user has specified a runtime extension (RTE), allowing CORSIM to avoid sending unnecessary messages to CORSIMDriver when no RTE is being used

The installation program for build 507 of CORSIM also updates the following TSIS components:

  • TRAFED (to handle the turn pocket improvements in NETSIM)
  • TRF Database (to handle the turn pocket improvements in NETSIM)
  • Translators (to handle the turn pocket improvements when translating between TNO and TRF formats)
  • CORSIM Reference Manual HTML Help (to document the turn pocket improvements in NETSIM)
  • CORSIM Users Guide HTML Help (to fix some images that were previously missing)